Bloodsport vs. Balance of Power – 9 Reasons Why Bloodsport Works Better

4. Bloodsport has Comedy and Charm


If you’re going to make an action movie where someone strikes a stack of bricks and causes the bottom brick to explode, it’s a good idea to create a world where we laugh with the film, instead of at the film.

While this is awesome, it’s not very believable and Jean-Claude’s face is a little ridiculous. So what makes this OK? For starters they frame the moment well. We’ve seen and been a part of Frank’s training, and now his legitimacy is being challenged. Everyone in the area crowds around to see Frank perform the Dim-Mak, which heightens our interest as well. The other thing that keeps us invested in the movie is the humour. Before we see the brick explode we get the Bruce Springsteen joke. This is like an allowance or reminder to have a good time.

In fact the movie is filled with small gags like this one:



Balance of Power, on the other hand, makes a try at comedy but it just doesn’t work:

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