Bloodsport vs. Balance of Power – 9 Reasons Why Bloodsport Works Better

7. Bloodsport has Better Fight Choreography


In Bloodsport, the real Frank Dux was the fight choreographer for the film. According to an interview he gave, Dux and Van Damme worked together to figure out how to make Van Damme look good on camera, so it was a learning process for both of them.

Funny enough, the fight coordinator on Balance of Power was also doing the job for the first time. Stunt man Garrett Warren had only ever done stunts before, and Balance of Power marked his first credit as a fight coordinator. So if both coordinators were on equal footing, what makes one better than the other?

Here’s a fight from Balance of Power:

Notice the slow pace of the fight. It’s frequently one attack, followed by a pause, followed by another single attack, followed by another pause. This isn’t interesting, and feels more like staged fighting rather than a real fight.

Now let’s look at a sequence of fights from Bloodsport:

The first thing that’s striking is the variety of styles. Even if we don’t know these fighters names or their backstories, many of them are given a unique style like sumo, muay thai, and even monkey kung fu. Also notice how we often see multiple attacks before the camera angle changes. This makes the fights seem more real. It’s also worth noting that Bloodsport changes up the framing sometimes and gives us some low angle shots, which keeps us engaged and frames the powerful fighters using cinematic language.

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