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Indomitable Human Spirit: 5 Scenes that Showcase the Best of Us

I think every now and then we could use a scene that showcases the indomitable human spirit.

Every morning when I go to the gym I listen to motivational speeches set to music. It’s a little preachy and I don’t necessarily ascribe to its effectiveness, but I’ve come to enjoy it. I think because it gives me a little boost. A little pick-me-up. These scenes do the same thing.

The following are not necessarily the top five movies that showcase the indomitable human spirit, just five scenes that effect me. I welcome you to share your favourite scenes in the comments below.

Critics vs. Audiences: 5 Things that Explain Warcraft’s Polarizing Nature

At the time of writing this article, the critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes for Warcraft is 29%, while the audience rating is 81%. Every so often movies have huge disparities like this and I suspect there are people on both sides who can’t comprehend what the other is thinking. This is most certainly true in the case of Warcraft, which is possibly the most fan-friendly video game adaption ever made. As someone who has experience with both worlds, I’d like to take a look at Warcraft from both a critic and a fan perspective to help illuminate the disparity between critics and audiences.

This won’t be an exhaustive look, just five things that will hopefully help give insight into both camps. (Oh. And I spoil a lot of the whole movie. Spoiler alert.)

Analyzing Good Dialogue: 4 Scenes That Show You How It’s Done

Writing good dialogue is a specific skill. Just because you’re a great writer or a good storyteller doesn’t mean you’re necessarily good at writing dialogue. So what is good dialogue? How do we recognize it? In this article I’d like to teach you a little bit about good dialogue and then illustrate that foundation with some examples from movie scenes that have great dialogue. While this won’t be an exhaustive overview of all the elements good dialogue needs, I hope to shed some light on a few elements that make up good dialogue.

The Economy of Movie Scripts: 5 Scene Comparisons between Books and Movies

Books and movie scripts are different things. While they share similar constructs (both require conflicts, characters with wants and needs, antagonists, etc.) they ultimately have different canvas types and sizes, cater to different audiences, and have different demands.

Nevertheless, when you get movies or TV shows based on books you hear people comment about how the movie skipped a lot stuff that the books covered in more detail. This makes sense. Movies have a finite amount of time to work with and have audiences with shorter attention spans; I don’t think audiences could handle the amount of dialogue some books indulge in, for example. So where do script writers make cuts and why? How do they decide what to add and alter while still staying loyal to the book? Let’s take a look at five side-by-side comparisions of scenes in movies and TV to find out.

Please note, a lot of the book sequences I had to whittle down heavily from the original source. I did my best to indicate with ellipses when text was skipped.