9 Reasons to Reconsider Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is not the most popular actress in Hollywood. There are a lot of jokes, media, speculation, and opinions surrounding this young woman trapped in Twilight‘s shadow. But I’m not convinced any of that gossip is representative of her acting ability.

I’m not saying Kristen Stewart is a spectacular actress and I wouldn’t try to convince anyone otherwise, but people tend to form quick, unwaivering opinions about whether or not they like an actor. Though it’s difficult to tear down those iron caged opinions I’d at least like to rattle the cage a bit and give you nine reasons why you should reconsider Kristen Stewart.

3 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Spider-Man Go

There’s something we Spider-Man fans should accept.

We’ve all seen the teaser in the Captain America: Civil War trailer and hoped this would finally be our Spider-Man. Our Spider-Man is the one we loved, whether it was the 60’s cartoon, the 90’s cartoon, or the comics in the 60’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, or the Ultimate series, or the Sam Raimi movies, or the Marc Webb movies. But we need to let our Spider-Man go. Here’s why.

10 Brotacular 90’s Action Movies

90’s action movies you would watch with your bros. I tried to pick movies that were the most fun. Also, instead of filling the list with stuff you’ve likely seen, I wanted to pick movies you might have missed. So I used box office earnings in an attempt to quantify popularity, and considered any action movie that made under $100 million at the box office. (much love and thanks to my bro Brian for the title image)